The history of wine reviewing

Did my annual wine class last night for the U.C. Berkeley Haas School of Business’s Wine Club. It’s always so cool to go there, with the big banners celebrating their Nobel Prize winners, and those super-smart students who, one imagines, might be running the show someday.

One of the things …read more

Furmint Adventures Episode 8: Kvaszinger Winery

Kvaszinger Winery

First off, for this video you’re going to need to pour yourself a glass of perky Furmint and queue up CCR’s “Green River” (BRAAAWHHHHWWWWW…. brahw-wahw-wahw-wahw-whaw-WHAW!). That’s because from a rainy day, with nice people, fine wine, and a backdrop that’s a fisherman’s wet dream (get it?… ok, whatever…) …read more

Management: Introverts and Extroverts

Introverts and Extroverts

I’m always interested in the best way to manage people–taking into consideration their personality traits and how to make the most of everyone in your team, not just those who perform well in a group. sent me this great info graphic about how best to manage and mentor …read more

Hawks View Cellars Current Releases

Hawks View Cellars Current Releases So many visitors who come to Portland, Oregon seldom take advantage of visiting the many wineries located close to the city, and that is not a good thing! One of the do not miss wineries is… … Hawks View Cellars. They are located just to …read more

Is Luc Morlet the future of high-end California?

best foie gras recipe

From the department of “nice work if you can get it”…

Above: my friend and client Tony Vallone’s foie gras torchon with “pear cracklings,” crispy pear skins.

Last night found me a guest of my friend and client Tony Vallone at his flagship Tony’s for a wine dinner featuring the wines …read more

Eataly: a lot of pasta


Fast Company has a piece on Eataly, the enormous and enormously successful (grocery) store with restaurants inside it. For those who haven’t been, the stores have an innovative concept that harkens back to an olde tyme market with different vendors for fish, meat, and pasta, interspersed with fresh fruit …read more

African Influence on Portugal

Castelo dos Mouros, Arabic

When I look at the timeworn façades across Portugal, listen to the tune in the language, or taste the spice of the food and I find it fascinating when I realize how much of it is influenced by the warm, culturally rich continent to the south, Africa. The strong Arabic …read more